Top 10 Things to do on Vancouver Island during COVID

Top 10 Things to do on Vancouver Island during COVID

Besides a few politicians, the majority of us are doing our absolute best adhering to Dr. Bonnie Henry and the COVID-19 mandates. Us islanders are fortunate to be segregated and live on a beautiful rock with bountiful destinations ready to be explored safely; 31,285 km² of mountain ranges, beaches, forests and cities to be exact. To put that in perspective, our island is nearly the same size as Taiwan, which according to a 2018 census, has a population of nearly 24 million people. Vancouver Island on the other hand has less than 1m residents, almost half of which live in the greater Victoria district. Long story short, there are a lot of hidden gems on this big tiny island of ours.

With the help of our followers, we've put together a guide to Vancouver Island which includes 10 COVID safe destinations, ready to be explored today. The guide is 100% free and inside you will also find a promo code for 15% off your next purchase! Follow the link below to download the guide.

Get our guide to Vancouver Island.

* Please take all proper precautions when visiting any of the destinations listed in our guide. While we think it's important to support small businesses during these hard times, we are not encouraging our community to break any travel mandates. We're all in this together -- except for those few politicians I mentioned earlier. 

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